Sunday Gatherings (9:01am)

Join us on Sunday mornings at the Hillsdale High School Auditorium located 485 Township Hwy 1902, Jeromesville, OH 44840. (Click for directions)

If you’re looking for a church community who welcomes you with open arms, regardless of who you are or where you are in life, and offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and experience life with some of my favorite people on the planet — you’ve come to the right place. Not only are you going to experience something wonderful and refreshing, but your kids are going to have a blast in our KID’S MINISTRY (crafts, music and study).

The probability of arriving without being greeted, leaving without making a connection, or feeling less valued is slim.

We offer a safe, inviting, contemporary experience without a dress code or secret handshake to learn. Unlike many groups that have the of model of BELIEVE – BEHAVE – BELONG, we do not expect a predetermined BELIEF or maturity. We do not expect BEHAVIORAL perfection. We just want you to BELONG. We believe that it’s OK to belong even before you believe. We believe that it’s OK to be connected even before you’re convinced! We lovingly and passionately follow the template – BELONG – BEHAVE – BELIEVE!
We want to hangout and do life with you “right where you are.” If we are who we say we are and are consistently following the Jesus we ascribe to be, then some of your quirks and baggage, just like ours, will naturally become healthier. In time, we all naturally mature into a DEEPER relationship with Jesus… which naturally brings us to a stronger BELIEF.

Remember, we are currently “Church in a box”, which means that we not only rent space, but we set up and tear down every single Sunday. If you try to find our “church” Mon – Sat, unfortunately, you will find hallways and classrooms that look very unassuming and do not present the effort that we put into your Sunday experience. We are actively pursuing a location/building of our own, but until then, we will continue to show you how valuable you are by sacrificing time, energy, and resources to transform our worship space every week.

Come this Sunday to experience it!


Have Questions?

Email or call 567-215-0574.