Warfare – Week 1 – 04/08/2018

By knowing the truth of Jesus and the strategy of the enemy, we can live freely in victory!

The average American does not believe in Satan as a real person. They see Satan as a symbol of evil, and not as a real being or person, or having real power.  But Paul taught that sometimes we need to look beyond what is seen and acknowledge the unseen.  (2 Corinthians 10:3-4)  It is not enough to know Satan exists theologically if you don’t know how to defeat him practically.  Our warfare with Satan is entirely winnable because he is completely predictable.  (2 Corinthians 2:11) He has two basic moves:  He attacks through lies and he attracts through lust.

Satan’s plan is to make you a slave. (John 8:34) But Jesus wants to set you free. (John 35-36, Matt. 11:28, Isaiah 61:1) Far too many people have an outward persona or a cover-up.  Until you quit the cover-up, God can’t start the cleanup!  Until you come out of hiding, God can’t start the healing!

Meditate on these two things:

  1. Jesus has the power to heal the brokenhearted no matter how broken the heart is inside of them!

  2. Jesus has the power to set the captives free, no matter how strong the sin that binds them!


Warfare – Week 2 – 04/15/2018

Theologically, who is Satan? Where did he come from? Why did this war begin?  What does he want?

Before the world was created, there were beings known as “morning stars.”  (Job 38:4-7)  Satan was once known as the “anointed cherub” and he reigned over this angelic kingdom on earth.  (Ezekiel 28:11-19)  Satan then became the Prince of Darkness.  Satan, or Lucifer, wanted to be worshiped as God.  (Isaiah 14:12-14, Ezekiel 28:15-17)

Because Adam sinned, Satan can now bring legal accusation and legal prosecution against the sons and daughters of Adam!  (2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 John 5:19) But God promised the serpent that Satan’s victory is temporary.  (Genesis 3:15)  The problem is all men had sinned. (Romans 5:12)  But in Jesus we are Rescued and Redeemed!!!!  (Colossians  1:13-14)  Jesus hold the keys that set you free!!